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Methylallyl Chloride



[Molecular formula]:  CH2C(CH3)CH2Cl

[CAS NO.]:  563-47-3

[Other Names]:  3-chloro-2-methyl-1-propene;2-methallyl chloride; 
                              3-chloro-2-methylpropylene ; MAC

[Structural formula]:


The MAC is an important intermediate, which could be widely used in organic synthesis. In the argo-chemicals, it could be synthesized into acaricide such as carbonfuran. Also it can be made into epoxy resin. The dimmer of MAC could be used as clarifier and solvent of synthetic resin with natural resin. Besides, it can be used to create methyl-glycerin, methyl-allyl-alcohol etc. It also can be used as an intermediate in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, perfume as well as plant protection products .



colorless liquid with special smell

Flash point


Specific weight


Refractive index


Hazard class



72.17 °C

Solve able in the solvents, micro solubility in water.






≤ 0.05%

PH 6-7


≤ 10


 [Packaging, Transportation and Storage]:

1.  To be packaged with 200L PE drum or Iron drum(PVF inside).Net weight to be 180 kgs/drum, also can be packed in ISO-TANK(20mt net weight)

2.  To be rainproof, moisture-proof and kept away from direct sunlight during transportation.

3. To be stored in dry, cool place.   

4. Our capacity: 50000 tons annually.                                  

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